Announcing our new partnership with the Baobab Institute for Health and Development

SRI Executive is pleased to announce a new partnership between the Baobab Institute for Health and Development and SRI Executive.

Pape Gaye, the founder of Baobab Institute, is a native of Senegal and a lifelong advocate for health workers and universal access to healthcare. Pape founded the Baobab Institute to encourage, expedite and support local ownership and strengthen the capacity of local systems to deliver sustainable results at regional and national levels across Africa. SRI Executive is the leading Executive Search, Strategy, and Leadership consulting practice in global development.

SRI Executive and the Baobab Institute are pleased to announce a partnership to develop and deliver solutions that strengthen systems and advance global efforts towards localisation through our shared experience, networks, and knowledge. We believe that all actors working in global development play a role in shifting the centre of gravity towards local actors. SRI Executive looks forward to working with Pape and the Baobab Institute to facilitate this.

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