Developing Fairtrade International’s  Strategy (2021-2025)

“Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries”. 

The assignment 

Prior to the development of their most recent global strategy (2021-2025), Fairtrade International faced considerable challenges including international political upheaval, climate change, an unfair trading system and consolidation of market actors. Cost and competitive pressure highlighted the need for Fairtrade to reinforce and articulate its unique value through a new strategy. 

Our approach 

SRI Executive worked with Fairtrade International and facilitated a strategy development process for them. The challenging external context influenced this process, as Fairtrade determined how to build off its strengths and respond to changes in its operating environment. Working across a federated network comprising of 23 CEOs, SRI Executive led a highly participatory process, providing considerable space for discussion and compromise.  

We also built off the success of our approach to develop a new governance model and decision-making structure for Fairtrade International. This was informed by benchmarking and legal analysis, which centred around a global leadership model focussed on trust. 

Some of the key activities SRI Executive conducted include: 

  • Extensive internal and external consultation 
  • PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) analysis on global megatrends 
  • Strategy development workshop sprints 
  • Defined governance model with roles and responsibilities across the system and its members 
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