Reflection to Anticipation: 25 Years of Global Impact

This year we commemorate a significant milestone for SRI Executive- Our 25th year in business. It is a time to reflect, but more importantly, a time to look forward.

Over the past twenty-five years, the world has undergone a profound transformation. The global development landscape has experienced significant shifts, marked by the emergence of regional and local conflicts, huge migration across continents, a global pandemic with continuing health issues, food security concerns, and the pressing issue of climate change, which have presented new and complex challenges. However, amidst these changes, our optimism for the future has never been stronger.

What fuels this optimism is the calibre of leaders in organisations we work with. They are creating real, sustainable change and driving the world into a better place. They have risen to the occasion, navigating the evolving landscape, and making a tangible difference in shaping a better future.

At SRI Executive, we are immensely honoured and humbled to have partnered with over 300 mission-driven organisations to identify and support such outstanding leaders. It is the enduring impact they have made that continues to inspire us daily.

Equally, we take enormous pride in assisting these organisations in crafting strategies that ensure long-lasting impact.

Commitment to our values lies at the heart of everything we do. These values are not mere words; they define our identity and guide our actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, collaboration, genuineness, and commitment. We cultivate enduring relationships with our partners and treat candidates and clients equally.

Our remarkable team, spanning across five continents, is the foundation upon which all this rests. With diverse backgrounds and fluency in 31 languages, they bring unique perspectives and share an unwavering passion for global development. None of our achievements would have been possible without their dedication and expertise.

We have the privilege of working with an incredibly committed team and have been delighted to welcome the next McGardle generation, Jack, and Alison, into the business in recent years. Their presence has brought us immense pride, and they eagerly look forward to the future ahead with great excitement.

As a team, we have continually evolved to meet the needs of our clients. We recognise that the world is undergoing significant changes, and your priorities are shifting accordingly. In response, we are committed to working closely with you to forge a lasting future.

With our unparalleled network, exceptional team, and a firm commitment to providing quality service, we eagerly anticipate the next 25 years with utmost confidence. Together, we will navigate the ever-changing landscape and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.



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